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Five cards are dealt on the table face upwards and this is the board. The cards dealt to the players are called the hole cards.  It is generally considered the hallmark of weaker players. There are strategies for playing all the games in Vegas and there are some games or bets that you should stay away from. Wherever you look, new casino sites are popping up all around the place making choosing the right casino a tough choice.

Probably the most popular game that can be found at online casinos is…

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How to Play Poker

Limping is, by and large, a fairly poor strategy. You need a combination of talents to world class player, but a blind robot could “make a living” at poker. Tyson 3 years, 6 months ago

It is all too common for people to go to Las Vegas thinking that they are going to change their lives only to come back a couple of thousand dollars poorer. The problem is that out of all the casino games available not too many will give you a good chance of being a winner. That…

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How to become a professional poker player

by modough 4 years, 2 months ago

by JD Bateman 3 months, 1 week ago. They always have great ideas that start with “If I won the lottery…” Whether it’s some random drawing of five to seven numbers like Mega Millions or Powerball,…

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Online Slots: Fun and Easy To Play

Limping is “open-calling”, or being the first person to enter a pot, and calling the…

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To an outsider poker looks complicated and involved, with a lot of jargon and lingo being thrown around.  In fact, it is considered such a weak play that often professionals will consider a player weak if they see a player limp just once.

by Fact_Finder 4 years, 2 months ago

I Won The Lottery, Now What? Each day millions of hopeful citizens nationwide line up to buy a lottery ticket for their chance to break from the routine of their daily lives.  This is the version played in Europe, Asia and Australia – where every player with a bet in the box is dealt a face-up card, from left to right, and then the…

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Today it seems like no matter where you go, you hear about how the online casino business is growing at an amazing pace. by Neal_Litherland 3 years, 11 months ago

by WideLensDramatics 1 month, 1 week ago

by cameron032 4 years, 2 months ago

A day at the horse track is a great time. Here is what is you need to know to get started playing. Knowing how to bet properly makes a day at the track even better. The rules of Blackjack are fairly simple and straightforward. There’s nothing like taking a small risk and earning quite a profit from it. There’s something about playing a game and making money that really helps excites us. Many of the so-called gambling experts swear that by using the Martingale System, games like roulette can be crushed for fun and profit.

Bet and the Deal….

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Be Smart And Have A Great Time Gambling In Las Vegas

by W Fonseca 1 year, 7 months ago

The Basics of Poker: Limping

I Won The Lottery, Now What?

The game begins with each player of the Texas Hold ‘Em poker game receiving two cards. Every player should try to match the cards to bring up the best 5-card combination possible. You may already know the…

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Vegas Casino Games That Give You A Better Chance To Beat The House

Learning to Play Texas Hold’Em Poker like an Expert

Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games. The Martingale System is an easy system to employ and sounds good, but…

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Why Casino Gambling Should Be Legal in Texas

Las Vegas is a city where people dream of going to just to beat the house. Poker can be very profitable if you can sustain the variance.

Tough mind.

Study “game theory.” You don’t have to be a genius…

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by W Fonseca 1 year, 9 months ago

by KnowHowNow 4 years, 2 months ago

by dadbintheadmin 4 years, 1 month ago

by tcollins7200 4 years, 3 weeks ago

The World’s Most Popular Casino Game: Blackjack

by Riley 1 year, 8 months ago

by philbechtel 4 years, 1 month ago

The topic of legalizing casino gambling has been a hot one among Texans for literally decades, yet year after year Texas legislation either ignores it or votes against it.

by Dr. It is easy to learn, exciting to watch and the play is quick. Consider the stats on just how many people reside in Texas as…

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Gambling is an extremely fun way to make money. Before the deck is shuffled or any cards are dealt players need to get comfortable around the table. Winning is difficult because the casino has the advantage in every game and that is how they make money….

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How To Win At Poker And Make Money Gambling

First off, the Blackjack version referred to below is the one that many people know, love and play – a dealer ‘no hole card’ game. In actuality it’s fairly simple, once all of the mystique is stripped away from the flow of the game. When most people go to a casino, many naively believe the eyes in the sky and casino floor security are enough to protect us from those who would try and take advantage of us. Choosing…

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One arguement against it is that there are not enough Texans interested in gambling. Jerry Cunningham 1 year, 9 months ago

Five Tips for Avoiding Casino Thieves and Scammers

In casino gambling, almost everyone has a system to beat the house – and one of the most popular is the Martingale System. If you go to the race track it is likely…

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by J. The following will outline the most basic bets you can make at the track.

Most off-track betting facilities offer $2 dollar straight bets. Best of all, it has perhaps the best odds of winning. You decide on…

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Gambling with the Martingale System and Why It Doesn’t Work

How To Bet at the Horse Track

Having worked in a very large resort and casino for many years, I have seen thieves and scammers come in all shapes and sizes. Of course gambling can be addictive and cause problems for a lot of…

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Poker is a game of skill, but many people are unaware of this

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