Cities that Deserve a Big 4 Sports Team

If a casino conglomerate were to have an ownership stake, or at least a major sponsorship, I have to imagine that every game would be at capacity. As long as the builders of the stadium were sensitive to the indigenous people, there should be no reason Hawai’i couldn’t have its own team.

1 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Sure, all the associations shy away from Vegas because of the gambling associated with the town, but there are a lot of people who make Vegas their permanent home. Therefore, I’ve decided to make a list of places that need a team. Imagine the local pride in having a real pro sports team in Birmingham. The Big 4 Sports LogosCredit:

Cities That Deserve At Least One NHL, NBA, MLB or NFL Teamin no particular order

I was spoiled growing up. Sure, Birmingham has had its issues with civil unrest, but it certainly has the size and ability to host a major sports franchise.

3 – El Paso, Texas – With a huge military base, nothing else to do without driving for hours, a city population of about 650,000 and county total of about 800,000, this desert city would be a great investment for a pro team. The captive audience would make them automatic home town fans, and the Fort Bliss residents who need something to do would fill the stands. If you are struggling to sell tickets, just comp your high rollers. Right? The sports scene has already been tested, with NBA all-star games, boxing and UFC events, and the annual PBR championships. I don’t care who expands, who moves, or what competition is close, but these cities need a big time, big budget team to root for.

More cities that need a team? Am I way off on one or more? Let me know!

4 – Birmingham, Alabama – The most historic city on my list. I have to think that the glitz and glamour would be appealing to players as well. because of the time zone differential? Ok, so I understand jet lag, prime time tv, and so many other factors could cause an issue, but really, what young athlete wouldn’t want to call Hawai’i home? I picked O’ahu simply because it is the most populous island in Hawai’i, but really, it could be on any of the islands. Little Rock, Arkansas deserves a team. The area is quite scenic, and besides, other than visiting the Clinton Presidential Library, what else is there to do?. I know Texas is already loaded with pro teams, but since El Paso is “umpteen” hours driving distance from Dallas, San Antonio or Houston, it would be in its own market.

5 – O’Ahu, Hawai’i – This is the most gorgeous state in the union, yet our pro sports associations don’t show it off…. With a population of under 200,000 according to the 2010 census, you are probably thinking “no way!” The Greater Little Rock combined statistical area, though, has a population of over 880,000. That is plenty enough to support a single franchise. I am from a town outside of Dallas, TX and since my sports consciousness has existed, I have had a local team in each of the “Big 4″ pro sports. No reason to me why the Las Vegas Blackjacks wouldn’t be practical.

2 – Little Rock, Arkansas – What?! Little Rock? Yeah, I said it. I’ve always rooted for Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, the NHL’s Dallas Stars, and the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys (except for one rebellious night when I rooted for the Buffalo Bills and had my heart-broken). I cannot imagine what it would be like to never have a hometown team to root for. Birmingham’s population is right around 220,000 and the greater area is over 1,000,000

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