Top 5 Betfair Horse Racing Trading Tips For Beginners

Daisy Henry

Daisy Henry

This author is a HUGE fan of Sports Betting
Daisy Henry

Just a few pre-tips beforehand: The best time to trade a race is around 10 minutes before the off. Certainly I got caught out a number of times when I first started.

Alright, so you’ve got yourself a Betfair account, you’ve downloaded Bet Angel or Gruss as your betting interface, had a little dabble, but still aren’t sure what you need to be looking for in order to start making some money. If you place a bet and the market moves against you, don’t hold on and on, hoping it will come back into profit, eventually letting the race start – you will end up losing a large chunk of cash. You can also “feel” that the market isn’t moving as it should, as the back bets are often gobbled up faster than you would expect.

For instance, Horse A is running in the 5:10 at Galway. Indeed, how you take your losses – and there will be some – is just as important as making the wins count. This is when the action starts and liquidity markedly increases. Horse racing prices move where the money dictates. If there is a significant amount on the back side of the book, the price is going to ger shorter (get lower). This can of course be repeated until the market catches up.

1) Follow The Money. Its price is 12.0 on the lay side and 20.0 on the backside. Essentially, what you need to look out for are two empty price increments. You now place bets at 7.2 and 7.4, meaning you in essence control both sides of the book and it’s very likely both sides will be taken, leaving you with a small profit. Note also that making around £2 to £3 per race would give you a profit at the end of the day of around £50 – not bad for a few hours work. Consistency is the key.

5) DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, LET YOUR BET GO IN-RUNNING. Nonetheless, this is one of the more fullproof ways of making small, consistent profits.. Similarly, if there is a large amount on the lay side, the price is likely to go out (get higher). This is more suited to Irish racing, where there is lower liquidity, meaning price movements are far more pronounced. This is where you place your bet – a lay stake at 13.0 to 13.5.

Essentially what happens is a bettor on Betfair will place a large bet on one side of the book – let’s say it’s on the back side, as that is the usual scenario (although it does happen frequently both ways). This is much easier to do using the “Ladder” interface view on Gruss or Bet Angel. Now, this bettor who has placed the large bet, takes these back bets, lets it run for a little while, then places a series of large lay bets, forcing the price back out. Well, here are my top tips on how to “read” the pre-race horse racing markets and as such start to make a profit, while minimising the potential for losses.

With practise, this technique is relatively easy to spot, as spoofers tend to use far larger sums that is usual on Betfair. This is something to watch out for when following Tip 1 on this list. The trick is to watch for the build up of these positions – comes with practise – and dip in ahead of them, then ride the price movement to a nice profit.

3) Speculate On Large Price Movements. Simply take the loss and move on. Now, I understand that many of you will ignore this.

4) Look Out For “Spoofers”. If you lose, don’t let it upset you, simply forget about it and move on to the next race…

For example, you see Horse A is trading at 7.0 on the lay side and 7.6 on the back side. If it gets taken, you then place a back bet at anywhere between 16 and 18, and if that gets taken you secure a nice profit. This causes all the traders who got in thinking they could ride the back side to jump ship, forcing the price out even more as each one fights to minimise their loses. If the market does move against you it is still easy enough to close out for zero loss. This will cause a number of traders to pile in ahead of it (following the money), forcing the price down.

2) Look Out For “Gaps” In The Market. And it’s tax free. It’s probably a good idea to trade horses with prices between 10.0 to 17.0 to start with, as at these levels the market is easier to “read”. While not as useful a tool as it once was, exploiting “gaps” can still be a very profitable addition to any betting system. You notice that there have been a few nibbles at around 13.0. This tip involves looking for large gaps in the market, seeing where money has been taken (a feature of the betting software) and placing your bet accordingly. I know I did, but it is a stupidly risky thing to do and should be avoided at all costs. Fact.

It’s worth pointing out that these types of bet can take some time to be filled, and practise is needed if the price starts bouncing around

Ex-NBA star went from $108 million to bankruptcy

Daisy Henry

Daisy Henry

This author is a HUGE fan of Sports Betting
Daisy Henry

He’s working on “Gone in an Instant,” a documentary about his personal boom-to-bust tale. He was named to the All-Star team three times and won the top prize in pro basketball with the Miami Heat in 2006.

“I gave them whatever they wanted and spoiled them.

Walker filed for bankruptcy in 2010. Walker quickly became a basketball superstar.

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Cars, jewelry and homes: As with many other sports stars, instant wealth meant instant luxury for Walker. That’s how you lose your wealth real bad at the beginning,” Walker said.

The hope is that these “real-life parables” from Walker and Scott will educate the younger athletes, Drew Hawkins, head of Morgan Stanley’s global sports and entertainment division, told CNNMoney.

1) Get the word “no” in your vocabulary when dealing with friends and family. We had a ton of undeveloped real estate. “You can still enjoy your life to the fullest, but let’s preserve some of that wealth for your kids — and for their kids,” Walker said.

“These individuals are forced to make decisions as teenagers and these decisions impact them for a long time,” said Hawkins. A year later he pleaded guilty to felony bad check charges, according to court filings. You can’t do that,” Walker said. It went bad.

“I created a very expensive lifestyle.

Before the age of 20, he had won the NCAA basketball championship and was selected by the Boston Celtics as a top pick in the 1996 NBA Draft. The banks wanted their money back,” he said.

“We got caught in the recession.

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Real-life parables: Now that he’s out of bankruptcy, Walker is working to educate future sports stars.

Given his humble beginnings, Walker wanted his friends and family to enjoy his riches as well.

CNNMoney (New York) First published July 24, 2015: 9:29 AM ET

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NMLS #1136.

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Real estate firm goes bust: The real catalyst, Walker said, was the Great Recession.

But like many professional athletes who experience a sudden explosion of wealth, it was all gone in an instant. Walker and former NFL linebacker Bart Scott recently teamed up with Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment to bring real-life lessons to today’s players. He estimates he helped about 30 people move to “better situations.” He gave cash to many of them — often without holding them accountable. “Be prepared to use that word a lot,” he said.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Walker had unwisely put up his personal financial portfolio as collateral.

But first Walker had to figure out how he went from fat NBA paychecks to financial rock bottom. Walker didn’t serve jail time due to a plea agreement, but the former NBA star was ordered to pay off gambling debts.


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Thanks to his on-the-court success, Walker made more money playing the sport he loved than he could even dream of when he grew up in a poor Chicago neighborhood. Instead of thinking about the future, he spent lavishly on cars, jewelry and homes.

“I thought I was set for the rest of my life,” Walker told CNNMoney.

2) Think about the future, not just the here and now. Despite pulling down more than $108 million during his career, Walker filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010, just two years after retirement. “It ended up being an open ATM throughout my career.”

He also lost large sums of money gambling, although Walker insists this wasn’t the main cause of his financial collapse and that media reports are overblown. He ended up being forced to pay back about $20 million to banks. “My story is sad.

Advice for today’s stars: Walker has two simple pieces of advice he hopes the younger generate walks away with. The economic chaos caused the implosion of Walker Ventures, his Chicago real estate firm. It’s sad to see other guys work so hard throughout their life — and then they just lose it in two or three years.”

That’s why Walker, now 38, is now working to steer young athletes away from the mistakes he made.

As part of his gig with Morgan Stanley, Walker recently spoke to athletes at Boston College and the Seattle Seahawks about his mistakes

Advice :: Internet Addiction |

Daisy Henry

Daisy Henry

This author is a HUGE fan of Sports Betting
Daisy Henry

The most important step is to force the individual to see there is a serious problem. It may be issues at school with children. Internet addiction has taken so many years to become established due to the disbelief many have over its legitimacy. Most internet addicts do have an ulterior motive for being online so much. What is it that causes this? What are the symptoms? Many people mistakenly believe it’s merely a penchant for checking email or losing track of time while playing a game. Some may have complete alter identities through the internet. They must not only endure the emotional “mess” they must clean up after their loved one.. They may exhibit personality qualities much like “Dr. Internet addiction is completely curable and there’s no reason to endure it any longer.

It’s fairly easy to spot internet addiction. It may be serious problems in the workplace due to inattention or inactivity. It may be a private method for indulging in what is actually a gambling or pornography addiction. They watch their loved ones morph into someone else. If you try to talk to them, you will be ignored. Fighting Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is a very real condition that affects households worldwide. Hyde.” They are horrible to live with offline, but as long as they have that connection, they are relatively normal.

The greatest tragedy to it all is that those around the addicted individual are the real victims. Internet addiction is not the same and it’s consequences can be far more devastating. They see the mood swings and make excuses to others. The best time to act is now.

They want complete privacy when they are online. This can be skyrocketing bills from gambling or substances. Many internet addicts, however, aren’t classified with any of these more typical vices. Substance abusers may find it easier to purchase their drug of choice through the internet.

There are individuals who like to use the internet as a method of escape from their daily lives. The addicted individual withdraws from real people and becomes more focused with individuals they know online. The “fix” is pretending to be someone else. They often make excuses to stay home more, but when they are home, they may seem apprehensive or depressed until they can find a good reason to go online.

Any addiction becomes an actual “addiction” when it negatively affects the lives of both the addict and all those around them.

It often requires professional help to break internet addiction. Jekyll / Mr. Many will not even stop to talk with people who are visiting. This form of addiction is completely psychological

Newport vs. Newport H2-Which Keen Sandal is Better

Daisy Henry

Daisy Henry

This author is a HUGE fan of Sports Betting
Daisy Henry

The continued eveolution of the basic sandal will continue with new and innovatie features introduced each year.

Do you prefer a lighter sandal or do you like the feel of real leather? Do you get you sandals wet and then rapidly get out of the water or are your feet submerged for long periods of time? Either sandal performs great in the water but the Newport H2 will dry out faster than the Newport. The leather Newport with the one piece leather on the side has no seams with thread to come loose so it is much more durable in the long run then the H2 model.

Both the Newport and the Newport H2 are excellent choices in sport sandals. Some Keen sandal wearers swear that the leather is more comfortable than the synthetic upper.

The Newport and the Newport H2 are very close to being the same shoe. The main differences lie in the upper material. Whether you choose the leather Newport or the lighter weight Newport H2 is usually just a matter of choice.

have been all the rage among outdoor enthusiasts they continue to strip market share from other outdoor sandal providers such as Teva. Both of these sport sandals break in quickly and will mold to your feet. The Keen Newport is now in its’ 9th year and is still a huge seller, but the Newport H2 drastically outsells the original Newport.

If you are a cyclist and are not spending a lot of time in the water then the original Newport is the sandal you may choose to purchase. On the Newport it is one piece of leather where as on the H2 the synthetic upper is stitched into the side which can loosen over time.. Most people are buying the Newport H2, but the Newport is still a great sandal.

The Newport H2 is very durable overall, but if you are hard on sandals then you can expect the sewing to loosen on the side after 6 months to a year of heavy wear. Most people will not experience the separation problem with the Newport H2 but it can happen.

Both sandals are very popular and you really cannot go wrong with each choice. The Newport is the foundation that the entire Keen shoe company was built on. Both of these Keen sport sandals have their outsoles sipped which helps to provide excellent traction in wet conditions. Keen and Teva continue to compete against each other and this benefits everyone who wears sandals. The problem with the Keen Commuter is that it is built way to narrow, even for a cycling shoe. The leather is designed as waterproof so it will resist attempts at shrinking cracking and rotting. Keen makes a wide variety of sport sandals, hiking shoes, and casual shoes but Keen is best known for their outdoor sport sandals. Keen Newport H2.

Sales of the Newport H2 dwarf the sales of the Newport. The Keen Commuter has an SPD insert so you can attach cleats if you like to be “locked in” while cycling. The Keen Newport was the first true sport sandal that was designed to protect your toes.

There are many great Keen sandals available, as well as Teva and other brands. The leather Newport is designed as a sport sandal, but it is often used as daily footwear for many people regardless of their conditions.

The Keen Newport sports a leather upper that is waterproof. Many cyclists use Keen sandals, but will usually opt for the Newport tor the Newport H2 over the Commuter model sandal.

The Newport H2 is lighter than the leather Newport, but some people choose the leather Newport over the synthetic upper of the Newport H2 for comfort. The Keen Newport first arrived on the market in 2003 and took the outdoor community by a storm. The design difference means that the Newport H2 will be lighter in the water. Many long time wearers of sport sandals abandoned their Teva or Nike ACG sport sandals for the Newport. Keen advertises that you can wash any of their sandals in the washing machine including the leather Newport.

The Keen Newport was the first footwear designed and sold by the Keen shoe company. Most people are choosing the Newport H2 over the leather Newport, but you should be happy with either of these Keen sandals.

has proven to be a popular sport sandal that is used for many activities including boating, hiking, sailing, cycling, and many other activities. The Newport beats out the Newport H2 in durability because of the side piece. After reading this then you will have a better idea on the Keen Newport vs. If you are looking for a cool shoe that can be worn with or without socks that is well ventilated yet also will protect your toes more than a basic pair of flip-flops then take  a look at all the great sandals available by Keen.

If you are a cyclist Keen also makes a sandal designed specifically for you with the Keen Commuter. The leather, as is the entire sandal, is designed to be submersed into water. The Newport will retain more water in the EVA midsole so it will feel slightly heavier when you’re in the water and also when you initially leave water and walk around.

Some people do not like the rubber nose guard that Keen has on their sandals, but it does protect your toes. The Keen Newport has a rubber bumper to protect your toes which also works great to shield your toes from the wind if you are cycling in them.

Other people prefer the H2 because their feet do not sweat as much as compared to the leather Newport. Both of these sandals grip extremely well, even in wet conditions.

Sport sandals are nothing new, but in 2003 the unique toe bumper guard was introduced and the shoe became very popular. Here are the 2most popular Keen sandals. You do not have to be a hardcore athlete to enjoy the comfort of these sandals. Look at your specific needs and desires in a sport sandal and then decide which Newport Sandal works best for you.

The Keen Newport does not dry out as fast as the Newport H2 sandal, but it is more durable in some aspects then the Newport H2 which has a synthetic upper. The Newport H2 is also designed a little bit different with the midsole. Keen has proven to be one of the most popular sandals on the market and are taking a lot of market share from Teva. The reason many cyclists choose the Newport over the Newport H2 is because of the thread separation problem that occurs on some of the H2 sandals after extreme use

2 brothers sentenced in California for running international sports betting ring

Daisy Henry

Daisy Henry

This author is a HUGE fan of Sports Betting
Daisy Henry

Erik Portocarrero was given 22 months. They also were fined $50,000.

SAN DIEGO –  Two brothers who ran an international sports betting ring have been sentenced in California to federal prison.

The two pleaded guilty to racketeering.

Nearly $12 million in assets were seized.

An FBI investigation began in 2011 and led to 18 arrests in Los Angeles, San Diego and Norway, where Erik Portocarrero lived at the time. All 18 have now pleaded guilty.

Authorities say the company took millions of dollars in bets from customers throughout California, strong-armed debtors and laundered proceeds.

Prosecutors say the brothers ran an Internet and telephone gambling enterprise called “Macho Sports” for more than a decade from a headquarters in Lima, Peru.


A judge in San Diego sentenced Jan Portocarrero to 18 months on Friday

Global Online Gambling Benchmarking Study – 2016/2017 Edition – Research and Markets

Daisy Henry

Daisy Henry

This author is a HUGE fan of Sports Betting
Daisy Henry

- More product-related topics and benchmarking – Growth potential for

selected products, benchmarking of product offers, such as number of

football bets, casino games, lotto and numbers games

16 Betting-related benchmarks

23 Affiliate marketing benchmarking

- Revenue growth benchmarks are broken down by products/verticals.

Companies Mentioned

13 Revenue per player – ARPUs

Key Topics Covered:

11 Research and development

8 Profit before tax

For more information about this report visit

- More marketing benchmarks – Social benchmarks (e.g., number of

Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers, …), SEO benchmarks (e.g., Google

ranking analyses), affiliate marketing benchmarks (e.g., top 30 online

gambling advertisers/brands on affiliate websites)

19 Casino games/offers – product benchmarking

Part 7 – Marketing-related benchmarks and analyses

Related Topics: Online


Part 1 – Online gambling trends and hot topics

17 In-play/live betting benchmarks

- In-depth mobile gambling focus – We have added still more analyses of

the mobile gambling business in order to cover the full range of

relevant mobile KPIs

1 Introduction

- Strategic issues – Strategic topics, such as overall industry climate,


Part 6 – Product-related benchmarks

Part 2 – Growth benchmarks

14 Churn rate of active players/customers

- Geographical analyses, such as the level of internationalisation and

geographical diversification.

15 Overview, comparison, and growth development

22 SEO benchmarking – which operators are doing the best job in SEO?

7 Operating profit / EBIT

- Current data and KPIs as well as historical data back to 2007 – Our

benchmark analyses are based on the most recent data and KPIs and also

trace long-term developments as far back as 2007.

- Analyses of financial results, such as EBITDA, EBIT, including

comparison of margins.

3 Mobile gambling in the spotlight

Part 4 – Expenses/costs benchmarks

9 Marketing

- Expense/costs benchmarks and margins, such as marketing, staff costs

18 Casino games revenue breakdown


25 French online gambling market

Part 5 – Player/customer-related benchmarks

12 Active players/customers

- Google

5 Revenue related benchmarks

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Online

Gambling Benchmarking – 2016/2017 edition” report to their


2 Key trends and topics

Part 8 – Regions and regulated markets analyses

The report offers a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of key

performance indicators (KPIs), key business figures, relevant margins,

and much more to enable executives in the online gambling industry to

improve both controlling and operations.

26 Danish online gambling market

- Mobile business benchmarks, such as mobile share of total online

business,mobile share of total online casino/gaming business

- Twitter

- Product-related benchmarks, such as product/vertical split,

cross-selling, breakdown of betting revenues by type of sport

10 Staff costs

Part 3 – Key financial results benchmarks

- In-play/live betting benchmarks, such as in-play/live betting’s share

of total revenue, in-play/live betting gross revenue margins

24 Overview and comparison of regulated markets

21 Social marketing benchmarks

What’s new in the 2016/2017 edition:

4 Revenue growth

- Facebook

- Player/customer-related benchmarks, such as active player development,

ARPUs, churn rates

20 Lotto, numbers games, – product benchmarking

The report offers unprecedented insights into the industry: